My product is handmade.

The flours are organic or natural area of ​​the mills (Marino Moretti).
The butter cream is centrifuged, often coming from the Valle d'Aosta.
Sugar is brown, and the spices are natural.

Vanilla is the Gold Madagascar.

The yolks are fresh. Honey is organic.

The candied fruit is "Giuso fruit amor" candied in sugar cane, good, meaty, tasty and above all natural ...

All phases of production are followed and verified by hand by me personally (I remember that I began my work in 1978) to get an excellent product, good and healthy.

Certainly not making use of E471, stabilizers, preservatives, my products are subject to undergo external climatic factors (heat, cold, wet, dry ...), but my commitment is constant in 'avail of new knowledge and processing techniques, updated, because 'the true craftsman never fails to challenge them to review and improve their work, dealing with other professionals. there is always more to learn.
I have created some delicious cookies, pastas and cakes VEGAN