A table and under the fir from Acqui Terme Val Bormida


Camogli, the most beautiful Christmas lights in Liguria ...

E 'was lucky this Christmas 2015 just ended (obviously with Luisa) ...

The table for 25 lunch was the restaurant-wine bar “Oh X Bacco!” Via Manzoni, in the beautiful historic center of the beautiful Acqui Terme (One step away from the source "boiling"), and under the fir many enogastronomici pensierini, including the dry focaccia and panettone of "Cascina del sole" of Pallare Biestro (EN), In the secluded hinterland savonese around the Bormida *.

"Oh X Bacchus!" (For very honest unbelievable 45 euro, inclusive of fine stemware in combination) has delighted on arrival with a flute classic method welcome rosé and snacks, then wow us with

  • salad with walker fassone the point rose, salad, walnuts, goat and thistles formaggetta fried humpbacks
  • stuffed capon bowl of prunes and dried figs with stewed red onions and pumpkin puree
  • pie in puff pastry with artichokes and primosale ricotta with parmesan fondue
  • Carnaroli risotto "watercolor" creamed pumpkin, formaggetta of Roccaverano and truffle
  • ravioli capon to hint, in their own juice
  • smoked knuckle slow cooking with puff pastry rosemary potatoes and parmesan
  • skullcap of cake craftsman with chantilly Moscato Passito di Strevi, candied orange and dark chocolate for two consistencies ...

Una meraviglia, non ho altre parole a commento. Una meraviglia. Tutto cucinato al momento, e “pensato” per far giungere a termine pranzo i commensali senza eccessive ambasce gastriche.

Della “Cascina del sole” di Pallare Biestro (in via Monmartino) ho degustato “sotto l’abete” una focaccia secca i cui unici ingredienti, Deogratias, sono farina bio, pasta madre, olio evo bio, sale, malto. Ed un panettone tradizionale, nel senso vero del termine, i cui unici ingredienti, Deogratias, sono farina bio (non cementi ogm a tutto glutine!), pasta madre, burro di alta qualità (non margarine!), zucchero di canna, tuorlo d’uovo, miele, aromi, vaniglia (non vanillina!), uvetta, scorze d’arancia, cedro (non zucca tinta di verde!). Questo panettone va posizionato in luogo caldo almeno un’ora prima del consumo.

In an age that everything standardizes and adulterous, do not breathe a fantastic scent of things of yesteryear?

Follow the steps of this worthy company also bustling page on Facebook, meet them in many markets and fairs, their products are a defense of the territory!

Umberto Curti

* Pallare is about a 30 minute drive from Calizzano, the green paradise where I spend many years the summer holidays. Pallare is known gastronomically for lisotto (A kind of flatbread), which dedicates a summer festival, and for small productions of formaggette Mixed milk

Source: http://www.ligucibario.com/natale-acqui-terme-e-val-bormida/

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